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Riga Schack federation bjuder in till Blixt turnering på lördag

The competition is organized by: Riga Chess Federation.
Tournament director: Alexei Shirov

Flera GM och IM anmälda.

Lördag 6/2 kl 13:00.
2 timmars Arenaturnering
Betänketid 3+1
Startavgift 5 Euro
1:a pris på 100 Euro

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1. Purpose

To promote the popularity of the game of chess in Riga, Latvia and in the world. To increase the mastery of players.

2. Competition procedure

The tournament takes place according to the Arena system. Reflection time: 3 minutes until the end of the game for each participant + 1 second for each move. Tournament time 2 hours.

3. Competition management

The competition is organized by: Riga Chess Federation.
Tournament director: Alexei Shirov
Chief Judge – (IA) Alberts Cimiņš (tel. .28804664) alberts.cimins@inbox.lv
Deputy Chief Judge – (IA) Aivars Laizāns (tel. 26498488)
Anti Cheating Judge – (IA) Vairis Kurpnieks (tel.29435429)

4. Participants

A chess player of any sports class can participate in the competition.

5. Place and time
The competition takes place on February 6, 2021, on the Internet platform: lichess.org.
At 14.00
team: Riga Chess Federation: (must register in the club) lichess.org/team/rigas-saha-federacija
Tournament here: https: //lichess.org/tournament/1k4MbA4u (Tournament address), Password: Riga64
6. Login

Preliminary application until February 5 at 20.00 by e-mail: alberts.cimins@inbox.lv 28804664 (Alberts). The application must include the surname, first name, lichess name.

7. Procedure for determining places
Determination of places in case of equal number of points:

8. Rewarding
Guaranteed prizes – 300 EUR,
I place – 100 EUR, II place – 60 EUR, III place – 50 EUR, IV place – 40 EUR, 30, EUR, 20 EUR.
Prizes for contributions for seniors S-50, S-65, U-18, as well as ladies’ prizes, others are possible.
Cash prizes will be paid out by bank transfer (within four days)

9. Participation fee: – 5 EUR
1 EUR of each deposit remains with the Riga Chess Federation (transfers, technical, etc. costs), the remaining prizes. Latvian GM, WGM, free of charge.) If FM and IM (Latvian players) register by February 1, 2021, then free of charge.
To be credited to: Riga Chess Federation account:
Reg. number: 40008120148
Bank name: A / S SEB banka
Bank code: UNLALV2X

Current account: LV55UNLA0050018224318
The purpose of the payment must include: Name, surname, lichess name (nickname) and name Horse
or Pay Pal: alberts.cimins@inbox.lv

Anti cheating rules:

Tournament Fraud Prevention Commission: IA Alberts Cimiņš, IA Aivars Laizāns and IAVairis Kurpnieks.

If any of the tournament participants has reasonable suspicions of cheating during the game, please send your game in pgn format after the tournament and send it to: alberts.cimins@inbox.lv.

The results of the tournament may be reviewed if the Fraud Prevention Commission finds the use of computer programs or other people interfering in the party.

The online platform Lichess.org is also involved in the fight against fraud during the tournament. Upon reasonable suspicion, your participation in the tournament may be terminated.

Deadline for submission of claims 09.02.2021.

By participating in the tournament, the participants agree that in case of a decision of the organizers about cheating in the tournament, the participant cannot challenge the decision of the organizers.

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